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Dave Travis
11-Oct-2005, 08:39
I just mixed my first 2 liter batch from the 5 liter kit as a replacement for the original P30 2 liter kit. My first test prints are awfull!!! Exposure requires almost 3 times the original, and color shifts to the cyan. Also seems to be much less contrasty, where's the snap??? I'm printing on CPM1M, using the Jobo system, but will also be using the ICP42.
Anybody else having these problems???
Dave Travis.

mark blackman
11-Oct-2005, 23:43
From the Ilford web site:

Recent Ilfochrome P-3.5 Processing kits included improper instructions for mixing the fixer.

The mixing should be as follows:

To make 1 liter of Fixer: Start with approximately 400ml water, add 400ml Fixer Concentrate and add water to make 1 liter.
To make 2 liters of Fixer: Start with approximately 800ml water, add 800ml Fixer Concentrate and add water to make 2 liters.
To make 5 liters of Fixer: Start with approximately 2 liters of water, add 2 liters of Fixer Concentrate (one full bottle) and add water to make 5 liters. Hope this helps.

For more info, go to:

Dave Travis
12-Oct-2005, 07:37
I found this discussion on ILFOPRO. Looks like I wasted the first mixing of my P3.5.
Seven 4x5 tests later, Ilfoheads beware!

Dave Travis
14-Oct-2005, 14:48
I re-mixed the P3.5 using the PDF instructions, and made two great looking 20x24's on the Jobo system. I used the CPS1K, and actually like the results better than the original prints on the fiber.
Long live Ciba!!!