View Full Version : Will a roll back fit a 6x9 Linhof Super Technica

Richard Hargrove
13-Oct-1999, 17:28
I have a 1952 vintage Linhof Super Technica 6x9 camera. Can I use a Linhof 6x9 r oll film holder on this camera. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the sta ndard back. Thanks.

Bob Salomon
13-Oct-1999, 20:08
1: A Linhof Rapid Rolex slip-in 6x7cm 120 back will simply slip into the camera under the ground glass.

2: You have not identified your camera very well. There are many Technika 23 models. A serial number would help.

But most 69 Technikas have a lever at the edge of the back. Slide it and the back comes off showing a circular track. If that happens with your model then the 69 Super rolex backs in 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and in 70mm will fit.

If you are still having problems getting the ground glass off the camera or identifying the camera you can call us at 800 735-4373 or the Linhof Service Center at 973 808-9626.