View Full Version : UV Contact Printers on **ay

27-Jan-2019, 05:55

While I use the sun most of the time to do my cyanotypes and other "fun stuff"
I have been thinking of when the sun isn't out ( at night ) or in the Winter when the
sun wakes late and sleeps early. I have a sun tan box I use sometimes and an old
Kodak Contact printer I swapped out the bulb for a UV bulb, but IDK something about a
New Toy had me searching **ay lately.
There is a long list of UV printers with vacuum frames that are kind of LARGE; and some are not very expensive
considering they are shipped for free ( and return shipped free if you don't like ).

I can't afford spending Big Bucks on a printer and I don't really want to deal with DYI
(home repairs keep me busy enough ...)

Anyone have experience with EBoink's Chinese Made UV Printers ?
Do you get what you pay for ? Do they do the AmdolSwtchro™ ?