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Ed Vatza
26-Jan-2019, 10:56
I just read in Simmons "Using the View Camera" that the Fujinon T 400mm f/8 has a bellows draw at infinity of just 10.4". Since my Wista 45 DX has a 12" bellows, this lens should work with this camera. But I just want to make sure before I spend any more $$$. Is this correct?



26-Jan-2019, 11:18
You're good. Fuji says it has a flange focal distance of 252mm. Assuming 305mm of draw (you said 12") you should be able to focus down to 1.45m.

If you get it and like it, will you send me a PM with your thoughts? I'd like to have something in this focal length for my Wista 45VX. I have heard (the usual Internet hearsay) that the Fujinon 400mm is a better performer than the 300mm (but I have no personal knowledge of how either does).


26-Jan-2019, 13:39
I just bought one last week, and the draw @ infinity is right around 10.4". I have mine mounted on a Cambo SC, and I've been "view testing", since the weather is bitterly cold now. The image circle is supposed to be 220mm @ f/22. Don't have any reason to believe differently, yet.

I also have Super Graphic and Sears Tower 4x5 cameras, and I tried it out on both of them; it's going to be a tight squeeze for much less than infinity focus on either one. But, for far landscapes, and little movement, it should work out with either of them.

Mine came from a Japanese dealer on eBay, and the lens is mint. Not a scratch, dust, etc., the f/stops are firm along with the shutter speed dial. It came mounted on a Toyo lens board, but I already have Cambo, Graphic, and Busch boards drilled for Copal #1.

27-Jan-2019, 19:49
I’ve used the 400T for 4-5 years on my Linhof Master Technika IV and it has been a good performer. The bellows draw at least nfinity is as descriptive Ed above. On my MT IV Classic I can also use the 600T, and I’ve lived led the results with it too.

Mick Fagan
27-Jan-2019, 22:44
You may wish to consider the Komura 400T unit. There are two versions, mine is the f/6.3 version, takes 67mm filters and is quite good optically. Not brilliant, but good to see if you like the style a telephoto lens has on 4x5" format. Mine is in a Copal 3 shutter. Made by Sankyo Kohki Japan.

I've used it off and on for around 10-11 years, works quite well for portraits where you are close focusing and wishing to get the background substantially blurred. My preference these days, is to use my Fujinon 250mm lens and crop, but for some pictures the 400 telephoto works a treat.

I mostly use mine on my Shen Hao HZX45-IIA, which has a bellows that officially goes out to 360mm, but in essence, without fiddling and extending the front standard, the bellows draw is closer to 300mm +- a bit.

There is another version, I haven't seen one, but I have read about them, it is a slower version f/8 and according to some literature I have read online, this lens was designated for 6x9cm or 4x5" work.


Page 16.


Mick Fagan
27-Jan-2019, 22:47

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