View Full Version : Central gradated filters for classic Angulons?

25-Jan-2019, 16:53
Have been using my classic 90mm and 120mm Angulons more and more lately in the field principally because of their compact sizes. Would love to use a central gradated filter on each lens. Were they ever offered by Schneider? See no mention of them in any of my vintage B&J and Linhof catalogues nor in any vintage Schneider lens literature I've found. Possibly back then people just accepted the light falloff?

Dan Fromm
25-Jan-2019, 17:55
Never for Angulons.

Schneider and Rodenstock offered CFs only for LF lenses that covered at least 100 degrees. Angulons, per the '63 and '67 brochures, cover at most 85 degrees. I'm surprised that you feel the need for a CF on a 120 on 4x5.

If you really need a CF, replace y'r Angulons with f/8 SA or Fujinon SWs and buy a CF to fit. And remember, LF isn't fair and you can't win.

26-Jan-2019, 04:50
I'm surprised that you feel the need for a CF on a 120 on 4x5.

You're 100% correct... don't "need" a CF. Would have been a nice accessory to have if they were ever offered for sale.

26-Jan-2019, 05:26
I used a Hasselblad XPan centre filter on a Leica M 21mm f/3.4 Super-Angulon some time back (it fitted inside the hood) and it worked fairly well. I realised that I preferred the 'look' of the photos without it though.