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23-Jan-2019, 04:50
I would like to do a project with polaroid 665 and 55 , but i a bit nervous due the fact that the film is actually heavily outdated i donīt know how to expose and proccess the film in the field .
Any idea or experience is welcome .
i have no see thread about this topic but if anyone knows , please let me know.
all the best .

23-Jan-2019, 05:58
The best way is to shoot outside and develop at home/inside. And maybe wait some time for the film to reach room temperature. This will not work with 665, so i can’t help with those.
I normally expose t55 at e.i. 25, and clear the negative with tap water.
I always found t55 a little bit hit or miss. I’ve had last production boxes that were rubbish. And some older boxes were perfect.

One of my last t55 images: https://flic.kr/p/JGuc8h

23-Jan-2019, 08:02
I expose for the negative at EI20 and “develop” in the sodium sulfite solution and fix, as recommended by Ansel Adams in his “Polaroid Land Photography” book, at around 21C. According to AA, the best negative is achieved using normal room temp chemicals. Like HoodedOne, I have used only latest production film and it has been somewhat hit-n-miss. I’ve got one more unopened box in the fridge, and then it’s gone. ;(

23-Jan-2019, 10:37
I shoot T55 @ 25ASA, develop for 2 minutes with the pod, and rinse in sodium sulfite (permawash in my case, rather than actual sodium sulfite), then hange the negs to dry after a photo-flo rinse. It works pretty well overall. I have been using late-production stuff with 2008/2009 expiration dates.

23-Jan-2019, 12:20
I have been shooting Type 55 at 50 ISO. The positive prints are so gorgeous that I can't bring myself to overexpose them so instead I deal with printing from a thinner negative.