View Full Version : Apo Germinar 360/9 barrel to Shutter?

19-Jan-2019, 18:34
Do the 360 / 9 apo germinar cells from a barrel mount screw directly into to a shutter? If so which one? If not, what is involved to get it into a shutter?

Dan Fromm
19-Jan-2019, 19:06
If you visit the list and download Arne Croell's article on post-WW II CZJ lenses, you'll find the answer on p. 17.

Short version, no, front-mounting is the best option.

Front-mounting requires an adapter whose front accepts the lens and whose rear screws into the front of a shutter. I've taken two approaches to adapters for front-mounting. Some of mine are cup-shaped, have fronts that the lens screws into. Think bushing threaded inside and outside. Others have male threads that screw into the back of the lens; this works only for lenses that are threaded internally at the rear, as for a filter or, in the case of several of my ex-aerial camera lenses, to control glancing reflections.

Front-mounting is easier the longer the lens is. With short lenses, eliminating mechanical vignetting by the shutter's rear tube can require cutting the tube off. I've had this done for one ultrawide. The shutter was then attached to the board by screws that went through the board and into the back of the shutter body. Ideally, the shutter's maximum opening shouldn't be much smaller than the lens' exit pupil.

SKGrimes has made a variety of adapters for front mounting for me. They do good work, have sometimes had to be reminded to thread the adapter internally (before anodizing) to help control glancing reflections.

Unless a single adapter can be shared by several lenses, front-mounting generally costs more than buying the equivalent lens in shutter. I've had it done one-off for lenses that were really special or that I badly wanted to try out.

20-Jan-2019, 19:13
Thanks the info.