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brian steinberger
9-Oct-2005, 23:04
I just read today in Ansel Adams 3rd book, The Print, that toning VC papers can result in "split toning" where the low values take on a different color than the higher values. I'm wondering if this is still true. He wrote that in the early 80's. I use Ilford Multigrade VI glossy fiber based paper, and I'm wondering if I use Kodak selenium toner if I will get split toning. Does anyone have any experience? I'm just looking for archival permanance, not any toning color. Thanks

Murray Fredericks
9-Oct-2005, 23:41
Split toning as described here has never happened to me after hundreds of prints selenium toned. The pitfall is to go too far and turn the print purple when you just want to tone for permanence.

For Kodak Selenium toner I use the formula 1:10 (water or working Hypo clear), 2min at 24Deg Celcius. After 2.5 min it will turn purple. I also remove the print to be toned slightly earlier from the dev (say 15%) to allow for the slightly heavier blacks.



John Berry ( Roadkill )
10-Oct-2005, 01:24
I just picked up a copy of "the photographers toning book" by Tim Rudman. Came highly recomended to me. Many references to MG IV. Murry is toning correctly for permanence according to this book. If you don't care for the tint, do what I did. After toning soak it in a solution of tea, not TEA, but liptons. For me it was 3 min toner and three min tea provided a slight warming. Looked more neutral when whet. It was more noticable when compared with untoned print. 10 min and it had an antique looking creamy brown. This was on Azo. All I can say is this book has been a real eye opener.

Mike Butler
10-Oct-2005, 05:42
I occasionally print with Ilford RC pearl and get no split toning with selenium, just a nice deepening of the blacks like you get with fiber. You will get some split toning with Ilford warm tone, but the highlights will darken with extra time. Other VC paper brands may react differently.

Mike Butler
10-Oct-2005, 06:21

After having a cup of coffee, I realized you weren't asking about RC papers. Sorry. But my point is the same: you needn't worry about split toning with Ilford multigrade glossy fiber. Watch out for the multigrade warmtone, though, if you ever try that.


Brian Ellis
10-Oct-2005, 09:16
Yes, it's still true. In fact many people like the look of split toning and do it intentionally.

Nick Morris
10-Oct-2005, 09:45
I got some nice blue-ish/brownish split toning using Nelson Golder Toner with Agfa Multicontrast Classic semi-matte. Temp was about 80 degrees, about 20 degrees lower than the recommended temp. Pulled the prints by inspection, if left too long, the print would go blue. The toner had been used quite abit, and had been replenished several times. In other words, I may not be able to reproduce the effect.

11-Oct-2005, 12:01
There are different ways that images can split tone. You might like some more than others. I stopped using the Forte VC paper because it split toned in ways I didn't like and couldn't control (using selenium and nelson gold toner). The graded version worked beautifully. Sometimes the graded paper split toned also ... like if the gold toner was getting old ... but the effect was completely different. More like a subtle added warmth in the highlights. This added some three dimensionality that was very beautiful in some images.