View Full Version : Wista Technical 45RF Rangefinder question

Tin Can
19-Jan-2019, 08:11
It is still sold new, Wow, $10K at B&H (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/63359-REG/Wista_214501_Technical_45RF_Rangefinder_4x5.html)

I always round up.

No way can I buy a new one.

My question is how does an excellent used Wista 45 RF 'RANGEFINDER' work in reality?

I have a good Horseman VHR and the RF system seems similar. How do they compare in your experience?

From B&H site, "The 45RF has all the features of the VX and is also a rangefinder-coupled camera cammed to accommodate 135, 150 and 180mm lenses. The rangefinder cams are designed specifically for Nikon's Nikkor-W lenses."

I realize the factory set infinity stops ARE adjustable, but how well do they work as set by OEM with the specified lenses?

Does the Wista RF and the VHR share RF design and adjustments as delineated by, Jo Lommen? Here! (https://lommen9.home.xs4all.nl/Horseman/index.html) I just found this. Eureka!

Actual experienced users are desired.