View Full Version : "Rare" literature and ebay

Bob Salomon
12-Dec-1999, 22:22
A word to the wise.

Someone is misrepresenting a "rare" (his words) Linhof Technika brochure that he is offering on Ebay.

After we, as the Linhof distributor, received some calls from potential bidders as to the availability of the brochure we decided to check the offer.

He is offering the current Linhof Technika brochure which we, and other Linhof distributors, send out at no charge and give away at shows and through camera stores.

If anyone is in need of current Linhof literature in the US we do not charge for these and they are sent out promptly after a phone call, letter or email requesting one.

Should you have placed a bid for this "rare" brochure you can save the price of the bid + postage by simply requesting one.

Bob Salomon
12-Dec-1999, 22:30
For the sake of accuracy he describes the brochure as:


Rather then using rare.

Ellis Vener
13-Dec-1999, 01:40
Maybe he is describing the Master Technika itself as being "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND VERY HARD TO AQUIRE ..."?

Bob Salomon
13-Dec-1999, 19:45
As an update the auction for the brochures ended abrubtly and is no longer on eBay. The high bid at the end was apparently cut in half and the seller has informed me that there are other sources of supply for Linhof literature in the US other than through HP Marketing Corp., the authorized agent for Linhof in the US. Perhaps that other source finds that current literature is difficult to obtain