View Full Version : 300mm f5.5 tele-xenar ??

16-Jan-2019, 16:09
I am picking up a very nice S-K 300mm f5.5 Tele-Xenar soon for my Pacemaker Graphic. As hard as I look, I cannot find out what the image circle is, what will be my bellows draw, and how much does it weigh? I am looking forward to using it! It is too big of a pain to try and adapt my Nikon 300mm f9 M. Thanks!

Pere Casals
16-Jan-2019, 16:26
Here there is no 300: https://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/tele-xenar/

If its is 300... can it be a really old one ?


If it is a very old model the circle can be 7.5", so 190mm

16-Jan-2019, 17:05
Yes... I just bought one! I think made around 1951. Tried to download a photo of it, but having trouble figuring out how.

Pere Casals
16-Jan-2019, 17:09
I think made around 1951.

Here you have the serial vs year list: https://www.schneideroptics.com/info/age_of_lenses/

17-Jan-2019, 04:58
Thanks Still no other info I'm curious about. Guess I'll find out when I receive it. This is the lens I'm getting.