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16-Jan-2019, 03:00
Due to retirement of an Xray processing machine I came in possession of quite some liquid Kodak Carestream READYMATIC Fixer and Developer, replenisher.

I figured that the fixer could be used as is for film, since it was used straigth for fixing Xray film, and diluted 1:1 for fixing paper.

For the developer I did some dilution test with RC photo paper and setle for the time beeing on a 1+4 dilution.

Filled my NOVA vertical processor with these solutions and did a RC printing session with it, nothing wrong chemistry wise as far as I can see.

Both solutions are labled + replenisher. How should I understand this replenisher ?

I checked the MSDS sheets for both liquids, it did not make me much wiser.

Does it mean that these solutions are more stable because of the "build in" replenisher ?

Any insight or other tips and experinces appreciated !



16-Jan-2019, 03:13
In a processor, the first potential change is in pH, so these replenishes are used as buffers, until the chem needs replacement due to the build up of byproducts... But rapid access also means the results are not ment to be long term archival, so just follow normal duty cycles for your solutions as your normal processes...

Steve K

16-Jan-2019, 03:53
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the fast reply, so these replenishers are buffering agents. I was aware of a separate sytem were you had to add replenisher after certain usage point. I used something myself in the past for my NOVA processor, I would top off the first slot after a session with developer without KBr.

Ineed I used the chemistry as I am used to: for RC paper 1.5 min in developer (longer for FB), 30 sec acid stop, 2-3 minutes in the fixer, and wash.

When we used the Xray Machine in the lab, a Xray film took about 2-3 minutes, it came out completely processed and dry, but the machine ran at 35degC I believe. Processed Xray film still looks good after 4 years or so..