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Jerry Cunningham
8-Oct-2005, 23:52
Has anyone used a Jobo 3013 tank? Can it be used for 4x5 film?

Jeff Graves
9-Oct-2005, 06:35
I currently use the 3013 for all of my 4x5 film processing. A few suggestions, load the emulsion side of the film away from the drum wall. Switch rotation direction of the drum during the development cycle frequently, this seems to reduce an edge effect on the sides of the film that touch the drum holding grooves. Use 500 ml of solution for five 4x5 sheets of film.

The only problem I have with this drum is that it holds five sheets instead of six like the 3006.
This gets to be a pain if you are shooting with a six sheet grafmatic back.

The advantage is that you can find the 3013 used for a fraction of the cost of what the 3006 goes for.

www.graymatterimages.com (http://www.graymatterimages.com)

Jerry Cunningham
9-Oct-2005, 16:40
Thanks for the help! I did not have a clue.