View Full Version : Help on the space ring size of Gundlach Series B lens.

15-Jan-2019, 16:01
I recently picked up a Gundlach Series B No.5 portrait lens which is a 14" f4 Petzval type lens.
After unscrewing the rear lens cell for cleaning, I found the spacer ring between the two elements is missing.
Could anyone who has the same lens measure the height and thickness of the spacer ring?

Thanks a lot.

16-Jan-2019, 02:58
They sit close, but since a portrait lens not critical as these are not ment for critical sharpness, so anything for some airspace is ok... Thin o-ring, paper/cardstock, whatever you find around...

Steve K

16-Jan-2019, 20:43
Thank you, Steve, I will start from 2mm with cardboard paper