View Full Version : Schneider 150mm LF lens with iris collapsed. help needed

14-Jan-2019, 03:24
I was in the field using my MPP with Schneider 150mm lens, i was setting the aperture ring to required position when I heard a ccccrrrr and saw that the blades were not, as it were, in line any more. It looks like one of the blades is out of position. the aperture ring still moves a bit but it does not form a circle in the middle, and it sticks half way through probably because the collapsed blade is making it stick.
I have looked online and there are several videos etc on compur shutter repairs, I myself have done some minore compur shutter repairs, but i have found nothing on how to get to the iris.
Can anyone help?
If to get to the iris I need to disassemble the shutter completely I think that is too much for me.
Also wonder if it is worth sending to be repaired as it is a somewhat old lens (serial 3571768).
Any ideas? Thanks

14-Jan-2019, 04:37

Page 93

14-Jan-2019, 04:54
the page numbers are all over the place. which section do you mean? could you do a screenshot of the page in question please?
Thank you

14-Jan-2019, 05:03
I mean page 93 of the PDF, or skim the document for the exact model of your shutter.