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8-Oct-2005, 17:49
Hello again.

I have a (used) Majestic tripod with a Majestic head. It is quite solid, even when attached to an 8x10 Orbit (C1 clone) and Fuji 300 5.6 (read: gargantuan) lens. However, I notice that, even when tightened to the nth degree, I am able to move the camera from side to side. Of course, this does take a bit of pressure; I doubt it would move if I were to brush against it slightly, for instance. I am wondering if this is to be expected. If not, how might I make the damned thing more rigid. I am new to 8x10...forgive me if this seems to be a silly question.

Michael Jones
8-Oct-2005, 19:32

Not silly, but try using the seach feature and most questions may have a thread. For this question try:


That may cure it (by the way, I use a Majestic head and think it great for very heavy cameras, such as a C-1). Good luck.


Ted Harris
8-Oct-2005, 20:57
I don't think you should have any movement. I have a majestic 1200 series mounted on my Cambo stand in the studio. The head usually holds a Horseman Monorail and even when extended near 1000mm with two bellows and pointed downward almost vertical ...... it is rock solid, no movement.

David Crossley
8-Oct-2005, 21:44
Percy, there should be no movement (no matter what brand of tripod), even to the extent or not that you describe. Identify the source and lock it down ie: allen screws etc.

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

9-Oct-2005, 12:49
I concur with the final post on the linked thread. I tightened mine by loosening the set screw, then tightening the screw holding the handle to the shaft. I'd try that first if I were you.

9-Oct-2005, 15:25
Thank you, gentlemen.
j.e.: That's EXACTLY what I did...worked like a charm.