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12-Jan-2019, 18:39
I'm relocating across country. The moving company will not ship liquids. I have some chemicals, including a new 5l jug of Ilford Rapid Fixer. I'm not having any luck selling or giving away this fixer locally. I hate to just dump it. Has anyone successfully shipped chemicals? Naturally it's possible because I bought it online, but I think companies have accounts and contracts.

Eric Woodbury
12-Jan-2019, 18:44
See if the moving company will ship if bottled at lesser volumes. Seems really odd that when you move you can't take your liquids.

Erik Larsen
12-Jan-2019, 18:45
I would think you can ship it or if you are driving to your new home you can put it in the trunk?

Doremus Scudder
12-Jan-2019, 18:49
I just got a 5l jug of Ilford fixer from Freestyle, FedEx. They seem to have no problems shipping such things. Why not make a separate shipment to yourself at your new address (or someone close who can store things for you for a while) and use a shipper who'll do the job?



Bob Salomon
12-Jan-2019, 18:53
May need to be shipped as a hazmat.

12-Jan-2019, 19:12
UPS ground. I had a camera shop send me 3 1 gallon glass bottles of print flattening solution, in the same box! Weighed 47 lbs.
If you don't have a commercial account it will cost you more than its worth.

Fred L
12-Jan-2019, 19:24
manI would love to have those amber glass jugs for my chems ;)

what if you were to double bag it and put it in a plastic storage bin so no spills ? surely that should be ok. good luck and sad that you cant even give it away...

12-Jan-2019, 21:09
manI would love to have those amber glass jugs for my chems ;)

Go to a pharmacy and ask them to save em for you. They dispense cough syrup from amber gallon bottles into smaller ones to fill prescriptions.

I'll take plastic myself.