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11-Jan-2019, 10:40
I need a bellows hood for my Cambo, but possibly versatile enough for other cameras

Lee Filters is probably the answer but is around $170, and i saw many Hasselblad bellows hood used starting at $9 in decent condition

is there any way to recycle those HAssy for regular threded lenses?

any other cheaper option out there?


11-Jan-2019, 15:00
is there any way to recycle those HAssy for regular threded lenses?

I once adapted a square bellows lens hood by epoxying a step-up ring to the rear of the hood. Trick is to make sure the step-up ring is completely screwed into the front of the lens and mark its top to match it to the top of the bellows.

Dan Fromm
11-Jan-2019, 15:47
Cambo makes compendium hoods for their cameras. They have filter holders.

peter brooks
12-Jan-2019, 03:58
... is there any way to recycle those HAssy for regular threded lenses?

The Hasselblad hoods have a removable circular ring adapter fitting in the rear to attach to the lenses - these are available in B50 or B60 sizes (the hood remains the same). They are not threaded, it's a Hasselblad bayonet type fitting that is on both the outside and the inside of the end of the lens (so there are two different sizes of each. I guess if you wanted to be pedantic B50 or B60 probably refers to the internal fitting).

The hood adapter is the size to go on the outside fitting of the lens (so filters can still be mounted using the inside fitting). If you are going to experiment you will want to get the adapter ring to fit B60 (as it is bigger).

You can get B50 or B60 to threaded sizes adapters (I have B50 > 52, B60 > 62, and B60 > 67 for mounting threaded filters). These are made to fit on the inside fitting of the lens, so are a different size to the outside fitting.

Looking at my adapters it does seem that the B60 > 67 adapter ring (OD ~71mm) will fit snugly inside the B60 hood fitting, this or something with a similar OD and some careful epoxy could give you a starting point.

Just examining the B60 ring that fits the hood it does appear to be in two parts, with four tiny screws joining them, so you might be able to remove the redundant B60 bit. I don't want to investigate any further though. :eek:

Of course your lenses would have to have 'modern' threads for all this to work.

As with nearly all things Hasselblad their compendium hoods are excellent, if you can find a decent one at a cheap price I would just get it and have a play. (My shade is the type with the two silver coloured rods).

19-Jan-2019, 07:45
I use the Hasselblad bellows lens hood on several format systems, 35mm, 6x6 blad, 4x5, 5x7. This is the older 1st generation hood that takes the B50 or series 63 mount rings. The B50 ring is for the 80, 120, 150, 250 lenses. The series 63 ring is for the 50mm and SWC. The series 63 ring is actually a series 8 filter size, I use series filter rings 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm all to series 8 then screw the blad 63 mount ring into the series filter adapter. I primarily use the hood on normal to tele focal lengths no matter the format size and it does a great job of shielding. You do have to be careful on 4x5 or 5x7 formats when using front tilts as it can block some of the image. For large formats when using tilts and swings the Calumet, Toyo, Cambo style body mount hoods are better as they minimize this problem. AA discusses this in one of his books.