View Full Version : PyrocatechinHD and Trix 320

7-Oct-2005, 11:23

I'd like to try Trix 320 4x5 in Pyrocatechin HD. What is the developing time (at 20C/68F) I could use as a starting point? Consider that I don't use continuous agitation.

May I develop in tanks with hangers?

And how can I set up a test with this staining developer?


Herb Cunningham
7-Oct-2005, 11:55
I use pyrocat HD in hangers with Efke 100, and have used it on Ilford 400 speed.

with 2:2:100 I use 9 minutes. Using a more dilute developer, 1:1:100, 15 minutes.

I do the lift tilt forward and reimmerse, lift tilt back and reimmerse about every two minutes.

If you leave the hangers in a tank and just rock the tank you are likely to get surge marks on the negs.

I don't have any advice for tests, just shoot the same subject and print what you get. I went to Michael and Paula's workshop last month and THINK I know how to judge a negative.

good luck

Michael Dowdall
7-Oct-2005, 13:38
I do Tri-x in Pyrocat HD at 2:2:100 for 7:30 for printing on enlarging paper. Plus or minus 15% for n+/-. I don't try to push or pull any more than that, it may work, I just havn't tried it.


Wayne Crider
7-Oct-2005, 20:05
If you haven't seen this article by Sandy King you might want to start at the beginning, but hopefully this link will get you right to the developing times for different films. Tri-X included.


Btw, stand developing is quite easy at high dilutions @ 400 to 500ml of water. Agitate once and pull a neg at 30 minutes and say 40-45 minutes. That should zone you in pretty much.

A.B. Davenport
7-Oct-2005, 21:32
I use Tri-x in Pyrocat-HD. My film speed is 160/200; and although Sandy's developing chart includes only 1:1:100, I develop mine at 2:2:100 @ 9/10 minutes. These negatives print well on Azo grades 2 and 3 when developed in Amidol or Ansco 130. They are developed in trays. After a 2 minute presoak, I give the film continuous agitation for the 1st minute and then agitation every 30 seconds thereafter. I cannot say what your times might be for tank processing though.

And as for expansions, Tri-x seems to expand very well and the developing times appear to increase in a linear fashion as far as time goes. Even beyond these times the negative density is still increasing.

N+1 ~ 18 min
N+2 ~ 25 min