View Full Version : 8x10 film to be found in Reno?

austin granger
7-Oct-2005, 00:07
Hello all. I've just found out I'm leaving for a trip to Utah early Monday morning and I'm a little short on film. I'll be passing through Reno on my way; anyone know if there's a camera store there that might carry 8x10 B/W?

If not, I guess I'll just have to make these here 36 sheets count! Let's see, I'll be gone seven days, that'd be about five images per day...well, that's not so bad. (Boy, things have sure changed since back when I was shooting 35mm....)

John Kasaian
7-Oct-2005, 00:35
I don't know about Reno (although they might have 4x5 for U of Nevada students somewhere amid the all the casinos) FWIW I'd see if Freestyle could zap a box of 8x10 to your Hotel.

FWIW, If I-80 seems like a boring ride, take Nevada 6 sometime---it will make I-80 seem like Hollywood Boulevard!

If you're in Reno on Friday, see if Harrah's has langostino on the buffet menu--yum!


clay harmon
7-Oct-2005, 05:10
4 years ago, I flew into Reno and looked all over town for some 8x10 film. No luck. Only 4x5. I would imagine it would be even less likely today since it seems the whole world has gone digital. I ended up having some overnighted to me at my hotel.

J. P. Mose
7-Oct-2005, 07:07
I would avoid overnight mail from B&H Photo. I have done this twice and ended up waiting two-three days because B&H didn't process the order the same day of placement. Call Calumet or somewhere that you can get someone live on the phone to assure your order is handled expeditiously.

By the way, I am happy with B&H otherwide and have never had any other complaints.

Enjoy the trip...I am jealous!

austin granger
7-Oct-2005, 17:32
Thanks everybody. Yeah, I was a little wary of doing the B&H thing; I'll look into Freestyle.

Yes, I am lucky; the trip is a very unexpected 35th birthday present from my wife. She asked me awhile back if I wanted anything and I told her if I could have anything in the world it would simply be to have one week off (I'm a stay at home dad these days with three kids) to do with what I wanted. Low and behold, yesterday on my b-day she gives me a card with a "Freedom Pass-good for 7 days of childless travel" inside. The condition being I had to leave right away. Anyway, she didn't have to ask twice; I'm outa here!

Solitude and silence (things in short supply around here these days) await!