View Full Version : Kentmere Bromide Users

michael Allen
6-Oct-2005, 20:33
I'm ready to begin my first ULF contact prints and was weighing my options concerning paper. My format size is not very AZO freindly and I was considering Kentmeres bromide paper.
Does anyone have any experience with this product for contact printing?

Bruce E. Rathbun
7-Oct-2005, 18:38
Just wondering what format size is we are talking about here. I know that cutting down 11x14 for Azo printing is a tad bit of a waste. My 8x20's work very good on a 20x24 sheet of Azo. Not the case for 11x14 on Azo. Let me know what you think of the Kentmeres paper. Maybe we will get lucky and the Azo replacement will be in better sizes.


Michael A.Smith
7-Oct-2005, 19:26
The Azo replacement will include an 11x14 size.

michael Allen
7-Oct-2005, 21:43
Ok Michael, I'll bite. Is there an ETA on the AZO replacement?

Michael A.Smith
8-Oct-2005, 03:02
Not yet.