View Full Version : Are Optimo dimensions consistent with later Wollensak shutters?

29-Dec-2018, 21:34
Are the lens mounting threads on Wollensak’s Optimo shutters identical to their later Betax (and Alphax) shutters? In other words, can one unscrew a lens cell from an Optimo #4 and screw it right into a Betax #4?


Steven Tribe
30-Dec-2018, 07:37
found in one of the links below!

Louis Pacilla
30-Dec-2018, 07:37
Two different companies and the Optimo (B&L) is much older design then the Betax (Wollensak) shutter and in my experience NO the don't usually do a direct fit from one # 3-4-5 to another and the mouting tube length may not be correct. It would also depend on what lens was mounted in each shutter that will be used but in my experience the likely chances are not good you'll have a direct fit.

30-Dec-2018, 10:18
Thank you for the replies. To clarify, the Optimo is definitely a Wollensak product. The question is whether Wollensak kept the thread mount dimensions of their pneumatic Optimo shutters when they introduced their mechanical Betax line. The post Steven references suggests not, but I’m hoping some forum members may have first hand experience.

Louis Pacilla
30-Dec-2018, 10:23
I stand corrected and you are correct. I was thinking of the Volute by B&L.

You may well have a chance but the Betax came out as they where moving away from piston timing units and going to clock movement type timing units so you may well find it will have more to do with the lens your moving over. If both shutters held same company lens your chances will be best.

30-Dec-2018, 10:41
I have a Betax #4 and a Optimo #4 sitting here. Both carry lens cells of roughly the same aperture for 8X10.

The lens cell threads in the Optimo are larger diameter than the Betax. However, the Optimo lens cell threads are the same size as the earlier pneumatic shutters like the Regular, Automatic, Regno, etc. I have swapped lens cells from a Regular to the Optimo.

But the spacing between cells is greater in the Optimo than the Regular, but this didn't cause much of a problem with RR cells. It could not be used for swapping cells in an anastigmat, where cell spacing is most likely much more critical.

30-Dec-2018, 10:47
Just the information I was looking for; thank you very much!