View Full Version : Graflex 4x4 boards fit Calumet 4x4 monorails?

Mike Kovacs
6-Oct-2005, 06:43
Do the Graflex 4x4 boards fit Calumet 4x4 monorails, e.g. the CC400? I think I read somewhere that the Calumet was a later copy of the Graflex monorail so I'm curious.

Joseph O'Neil
6-Oct-2005, 10:14
I went the other way. Lens boards from my old B&J monorail - which is identical to the calumet monorail (and about 2-3 other "brands" I think) fit my Graphic View II monorail just sweet.

anyhow, here's a current auction on Ebay for a Calumet:


If that the camera model you are talking about, then in my case, the answer is yes.
good luck

Mike Kovacs
6-Oct-2005, 10:44
Yes, that's the type of camera, though mine is all black.