View Full Version : Crown Graphic.....What am I missing here?

29-Dec-2018, 13:35
Thanks every one for helping me with my "affordable 4x5 Field camera" search!! After multiple head scratches, I found a very usable Crown Graphic with case, 127mm lens, etc for $75.00 on my local KCMO Craigslist! Should clean up nicely for my needs. This model does not have the open release on top of the body, but on the upper side!? The button under the leather moves in and out, but there is no latching when closing. How can I repair this annoying non-closing feature? I think I must be missing a part or something. I am attaching a close up of the inside of the body to show the little round release . Very annoying already because when ever I pick up the camera, the bed flops down!

Dan Fromm
29-Dec-2018, 13:42
That is a pre-1949 (or so) Crown Graphic. The release button was moved from the side to the top around 1949.

The entire latch mechanism is missing. There should be a pushrod that pushes a bar with a pair of hooks. The bar is attached to the inside of the top, slides on two pins (screws) when pushed to release the front door.

Live with the camera, get a complete junker for the parts (and pray it has them), or replace it.

29-Dec-2018, 14:29
Thanks!! I think I will come up with some sort of other closure!! Velcro? The camera is in otherwise nice shape!

29-Dec-2018, 15:27
According to my serial No. This is a 1951 model. # starting with 868., But I know you are correct with your diagnosis.

29-Dec-2018, 15:39
Until you find the parts a rubber band will work, even if it is a little dorky.

Dan Fromm
29-Dec-2018, 15:41
Thanks for the correction. I just checked the book, the block of serial numbers 865724 - 870724 was assigned 5/17/51, the next block, starting 870725 was assigned 8/22/51.

Jim Jones
29-Dec-2018, 18:36
Interesting. I just now looked at some junked cameras, and found two missing the same parts. If everything else is functional it sounds like a decent buy.

30-Dec-2018, 07:35
That mechanism must have problematic!

Dan Fromm
30-Dec-2018, 08:01
That mechanism must have problematic!

Probably not. The replacement looks much less expensive to make.

30-Dec-2018, 08:29
When I got it mine was loose and one screw had fallen out. The same small wood screws that provide sliding bearing hold the whole mess in the camera. I think the sideways stress on the screws loosens them in the wood, and then someday the whole mess falls out and gets lost on the road somewhere.

30-Dec-2018, 18:11
Makes sense . Right now I have the rubber band, but like all good Gandys, I will figure out a slick solution.