View Full Version : Captain Owen Wheeler's Turtle Lens

29-Dec-2018, 04:59
I could not resist buying both this lens, manufactured by Wray and inscribed "Captain Owen Wheeler's "Turtle" Lens No.1, and a book from 1910 written by Captain Owen Wheeler FRPS, titled "Modern Telephotography" and published by Ross (yes, the lens makers) in 1910. Apart from trying out the lens in due course, there is a wealth of information to be researched here as its unclear when the lens was made but sometime probably after 1910, and why by Wray when Wheeler had written for Ross? Any information regarding Captain Owen or his lens would be great.


Steven Tribe
29-Dec-2018, 06:44
There is quite a lot of infomation around! Ross lost interest completely in Captain Wheeler's contraption, as did his second partner, Wray. I lost interest too! I think the basic idea is a negative lens at varying distances - sounds pretty classic for the 1890's.

29-Dec-2018, 07:01
Thanks Steven. I'll keep looking up information. The illustrations in the book, whilst small, are surprisingly good. The mounting thread is the same as another early Wray lens I own and a TTH Xerox lens - I haven't measured it yet but will do so idc.