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27-Dec-2018, 11:36
Headed to ski and shoot...

Suggestions, please.

First time there.

Buon Anno!!!

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John Kasaian
27-Dec-2018, 13:50
Suzelle and I honeymooned there in '97
Try the lamb at La Mazot (spelling?) the hot cocoa at Sunnega, the pizza in Breuil, the Raclettes at the little place next to the Trockener Steg and of course Coup Denmark at any of the little sidewalk stands.
Elsie's Bar and the Papperla Pub have (had?) a great apres ski scene.
Beautiful landscapes are everywhere! Cut down your kit by leaving your tripod head at home a la Drew especially when skiing.
There is a fine little Matterhorn climbing museum in Zermatt worth checking out.
The local wines on the Swiss side are Dole (red) and Sion(white) On the Italian side Friuli is my pick. Find your own---that's part of the fun!

You'll have a blast and take your pass port---in '97 they checked them when we skied across the border.
Oh, and the Italians were notorious for stepping on your skis in lift lines (while they were wearing their skis!)

27-Dec-2018, 16:11

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John Kasaian
29-Dec-2018, 10:07
Say hello to Tara for us! She's the St Bernard tourists can have their photos taken with, with the Matterhorn in the back ground (maybe Tara's daughter, as we were there in '97?)