View Full Version : Free Omega D 2 Enlarger

Edward Mast
5-Oct-2005, 11:35
Yesterday I noticed that a forum member found a home for his Omega enlarger in MO. I would like to make a similar offer to anyone willing to pick it up in Miami, FL. I have an Omega D2 with cold light head, negative holders, easel, timer and 150mm Componon lens and some other miscellaneous darkroom items. Too much to store and too big to ship, so I offer it free to someone who could put it to use in his/her own darkroom. Email me at: nedmast2@aol.com.

5-Oct-2005, 13:11
What a nice thing to do. If you're able to take advantage of this generous offer, this is a real workhorse of a setup that will make great prints! Good for you, Edward!

Edward Mast
6-Oct-2005, 06:59
Well, it's kind of like saying goodbye to a good and loyal friend, but a new home for it has been found. Please delete this notice from the forum. Thanks -

Donald Qualls
6-Oct-2005, 10:37
Good news travels fast... ;)

I'll second the statement that a D2 is a reliable, robust, workhorse. And remarkably compact for handing 4x5 and up to 16x20 prints with the stock column.