View Full Version : How do I open lens to focus, Fujinon W 150mm 5.6?

23-Dec-2018, 09:52
Hello, I am new to 4x5 photography, I have been using other formats for years. I just got my darkroom back up and running, got a 4x5 enlarger and finally a camera, a Toyo View D45M. The lens is a Fujinon W 150mm 5.6 with a Seiko shutter. I don't see any way to open the lens for focusing other than using the B setting on the shutter. There is another lever on the lens that I don't know what it does, it doesn't seem to move and I don't want to break it. Any help is appreciated. [IMG]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_SOXQKAYWOJlqxdkI0FsplNz8nJYiXDN/view?usp=drivesdk. 185700

23-Dec-2018, 10:04
That lever you don't know what it does...... push it inward rather than flipping it sideways. I believe the lens must be cocked first, also.

Jeff Keller
23-Dec-2018, 10:15
mdarnton is almost right on. Cock the shutter then pull the "lever" with the black dot out.


23-Dec-2018, 10:33
Jeff is closer than I was, but it's the lever next to the one with the black dot. The black dot is the cocker. We'll get it eventually.

23-Dec-2018, 11:32
Thanks that worked with pulling that one out, I've noticed if I don't push it back in hard the shutter sticks, Wish I had a copal shutter, this one seems a little rough. It's my first lens so I plan on buying a Schneider or Rodenstock 210mm and then a super angulon 90mm, maybe another Fujinon with a copal shutter.

23-Dec-2018, 13:17
Yeah, this feels familiar with rough uncommon shutters.

I found the preview lever thingy on my Synchro Compur 1 to be very awkward and i use T/B mode to focus, it just worked easier.

23-Dec-2018, 13:26
I have one Seiko with that push-pull lever like that and it sticks sometimes, even after I opened it up to see if there was a problem. I notice my later year Seiko shutters all have a side-to-side lever which seems to work better.