View Full Version : Hugo Meyer 7" Trioplan...I have questions!

23-Dec-2018, 07:12
Hi, Everybody!
New poster here, been lurking for a while.
Hopefully, someone can help me out...
I recently acquired a fairly clean 7" Hugo Meyer 7" Trioplan f 4.5, Gorlitz & New York, in black barrel.
It had been awkwardly front mounted on a large-ish Alphax shutter,
but I am considering having it mounted in shutter.
I have searched here and elsewhere for info on this lens,
and there is lots out there, but I find nothing on this focal length.
Any idea of coverage? I'm hoping it covers 4x5", covering 5x7 would be a big bonus.
I discovered that Trioplans are the "hip" lens to have now, apparently...

By way of introduction, I am restoring an Eastman 33a, and also have a 5x7 Conley, and a B&J Press 4x5.

Steven Tribe
23-Dec-2018, 17:12
From cameraeccentric.

23-Dec-2018, 18:17
Good find. (I use a 210mm version and I have a 250mm think in reserve that I have not used yet) The LF lenses are nicer than the popular 35mm remake. The small format version seems to have very poorly corrected spherical aberration and unsmooth vulgar bokeh. The LF one is buttery like a good triplet should be. My trioplan 4x5 photos are here https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=13759696%40N02&sort=date-taken-desc&text=trioplan&view_all=1

Nice for environmental portraits and automotive photos based on my experience.

24-Dec-2018, 12:14
Thank you, Steven & JP!
That is great info!

JP, those are some really nice images, thanks for showing me what the Trioplans are capable of.
I really like the smooth tonalities.