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Michael Heinrich
5-Oct-2005, 01:57
In Madrid I found a Technika V 13/18 and I bought it. Its a wonderful camera , but it came with a Tele Xenar 5.5/500 in a compur shutter 5FS without cable release.
The lens is like new, but I can`t use it. Someone knows where I can get such a part?
Can I change to another shutter? Thank you for any help.

Greetings from Germany

Joerg Krusche
5-Oct-2005, 03:04

you need a cable and a little box (control-unit for f-stop and exposure times, 1/60 to 30 seconds), you may call me in Germany).



Antonio Corcuera
5-Oct-2005, 04:51
out of curiosity, where in Madrid did you buy the Technika, Michael?

Michael Heinrich
5-Oct-2005, 09:10
Hola Antonio
Estaba buscando ya un buen rato una technika V y lo he encontrado en un periodico de secunda mano en el Internet de un privado.

Hi Antonio
after looking in Germany I found it in a internet newspaper for used objects.


Antonio Corcuera
6-Oct-2005, 01:45
Gracias Michael, nice find! Enjoy! Sorry, can't help with the electronic shutter, but this post by Struan Gray might be of your interest: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=004wRR
Maybe Struan can add something here regarding his experience with this shutter...

Struan Gray
6-Oct-2005, 12:57
Thanks Antonio, it's nice to know my time at photo.net wasn't entirely wasted :-)

I only have an electronic '1', which has its control electronics inside the shutter. The user only needs to supply battery power, and the shutter seems to be fairly unfussy about exactly how much voltage it gets. I have been running my shutter on a single CR2 battery for a couple of years since that thread with no ill effects.

The '5' shutter is a different beast. You need to supply not only power, but pulsed power, as the control box does the timing as well as providing the oomph to move the shutter blades. Control boxes and cables do turn up on eBay quite regularly (eBay.de is a biggest European market). In theory you could build your own controller, but I have never seen a definitive statement of what you would need to supply and how, so it'll be a job of work.

Were it me, I would take Joerg up on his offer :-)