View Full Version : Anti-fog coatings for ground glass?

Jeffrey Sipress
3-Oct-2005, 23:18
Man, am I tired of my breath fogging the gg under my small focusing hood when the temperature is low. I am not looking forward to a winter's worth of this pain in the ass. Has anyone had success with any anti-fog applications to the glass? Thanks.

Richard Ide
4-Oct-2005, 00:18
Hi Jeffery

Apply a thin coat of paste floor wax, let it dry and then buff gently with a soft cloth. This also works well for eye glasses and car windows.


Richard Ide
4-Oct-2005, 00:19
Make that Jeffrey and my apologies.

Steve Hamley
4-Oct-2005, 03:22
Gelatin soap will work. apply a bit dry or moist and let it dry, buff it off. Alternatively, if you can find pentax Clear-Vue lens cleaner, it has an anti fog agent built in and works fine. Also good for lenses and filters.


Matthew Cordery
4-Oct-2005, 08:31

Pete Caluori
4-Oct-2005, 20:37
Check with shops specializing in diving, mountaineering & skiing equipment. All of these sports deal with fogging glasses/goggles. In the mountaineering world there's a paste called "cat crap" (no I didn't make it up) that works very well for keeping glasses and goggles from fogging in the coldest of weather under heavy physical activity. You simply rub your finger in the paste to soften it then wipe it on your glass and buff it clear - works great.

Regards, Pete

Jeffrey Sipress
4-Oct-2005, 22:40
Great answers from all of you. Thanks for the ideas.

Jim Jirka
6-Oct-2005, 15:39
REI sells a product called CatCrap. I know sounds hokey, but it really works well.

I am in no way involved with CatCrap or REI or any of their other affiliations.


Jeffrey Sipress
7-Oct-2005, 11:48

I've been a REI member for 30 years. And, there are three catboxes in my house.....hhmmmmm... do you think I should?