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3-Oct-2005, 19:08
Being new to large format photography I would like to know if I have a shutter, such a copal O can I just screw in a different size lens as long as it fits the screw mount of the shuter?

3-Oct-2005, 19:20
If the other lens was in a zero shutter, then it usually interchanges to another zero size shutter. But to be sure, you should be specific; what lens and shutter?

FWIW, and aside, some lenses mounted in 00 (zero zero) shuttters require extra spacing not provided by a 00 shutter.

3-Oct-2005, 20:19
If you are trying to use a shutter with lens cells taken from elsewhere, the aperture scale will most likely be off even if the cells physically fit into the shutter.

It probably helps if you'd state what exactly you are trying to do.

tor kviljo
4-Oct-2005, 01:06
Modern lenses is directly changable between same size shutters. Current sizes is 0, 1 and 3. I.e., you can have a 75mm, 135mm and 210mm all fitting a nr. 0 shutter both in mount-diametre and spacing distance (distance between the two lens cells when mounted to appropriate shutter), but AS THE PHYSICAL APERTURE DIAMETRE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO FOCAL LENGT, APERTURE SCALE WILL ONLY SHOW CORRECT VALUE FOR THE FL. THE SHUTTER WERE CALIBRATED FOR. Thus, you will have to make your own calculation table or some other means of knowing what true aperture is set when you are using a focalt length differing from the one the aperture scale corresponds to. Universal shutters does exist, but then either as Sinar-Copal behind-lens shutter (where each lens have its own aperture mechanism intact) or as Horseman ISS where you can tell the controller what lens you have mounted, and the controller then uses the correct aperture diametre for that lens set electronically.