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Tin Can
14-Dec-2018, 08:10
This expansive website has a lot of useful data about LED CRI, Color and variety.

Plenty of colorful large graphs. Easy to see!

Waveform Lighting (https://www.waveformlighting.com/high-cri-led?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7P63q_ed3wIVS77ACh3cBQRqEAAYASAAEgKr8PD_BwE)

It is a retail source. They are not the factory, I assume, as they are in SF CA.

The good news is they have an affordable sample of their best.

ABSOLUTE SERIES™ LED Linear Module - 99 CRI - 1 ft / 280 mm MCPCB (https://store.waveformlighting.com/products/absolute-series-99-cri-led-linear-module?variant=8190565777510)

Of course I have no connection with this company and found it web surfing.

Drew Wiley
14-Dec-2018, 11:11
I've seen these kinds of claims before, but sooner or later, there was a discrepancy somewhere. And yes, this is the region where such things first pop up. It is important to substantiate the information back to its mfg source and their own reliability. But it's the kind of thing I'm quite interested in, so very much appreciate the post. We're still in the early stages of LED evolution, and real-world practical applications, at least in any balanced-color sense, are still limited. It's one step at a time. But fortunately, such steps are being taken. The nature of these strips makes them potentially useful for linear overhead color matching units. It would be interesting to see how this compares to my existing highly-accurate tubes, provided I have any toy budget left in upcoming months. Recent bulk museum board and printing paper purchases have taken quite a bite! It's especially nice to see a 5000K offering in these strips. But today I'll be content to just turn on my halogen overhead lights and the mounting press - who even needs a room heater under such circumstances? Summer is a different story.

Tin Can
14-Dec-2018, 13:17
I ordered a sample, Film Grade LED CRI 95 6500K.

They also have 5 color DMX LED, dimmable which could be used for VC head.

Drew Wiley
14-Dec-2018, 17:09
The LED's don't look concentrated enough for the lumen output necessary for enlargers, but I'm not going to dig into that. I haven't even gotten around to maintenance on my own biggest colorhead. Too involved with black and white work for awhile.