View Full Version : Fake ice cubes

Juan Antonio F. Nieva
11-Dec-1999, 16:00
I know this might not be the right forum to ask but ill appreciate any answer gi ven. Can one make home made acrylic ice cubes ? If so How?

Thanks Juan

andrea milano
11-Dec-1999, 16:38
HI! I am not sure that making some acrylic ice cubes yourself would prove cheaper than buying them, however here it is: you need to buy a plexiglass block(is very expensive, try to get some scraps if possible), cut roughly to the needed size and decide whether you want irregular shaped ones or regular shaped ones use a chisel to give a rough shape (always wear protective glasses) .Polish with a polishing device (polishing plate on a electric drill or something similar) use some silver polish liquid emulsion it really polishes to beautiful shiny plexglass. However buying isn't so expensive at all, if you have a small shop which works with plexiglass they might want to make them for you at not much higer price than the rough material (this is the real expensive factor) they know how to cut and work and polish the material. I use to have a similar shop just "Under" my studio in Milan-Italy and they were ever so helpful. Remember it isn't a big problem really but why bother if there is somebody out there who already knows how to do it? Regards and good luck