View Full Version : NOS Polaroid Huge Rolls convert to Tiny KS

Tin Can
11-Dec-2018, 07:42
Film IS expensive!


I have nothing to do with project and will not back it.

Too expensive for me.

21-Dec-2018, 03:36
One just wonder what would happen if there's a systematic collection of order which is thereafter sent to Fujifilm for custom-made batches of FP-100c (or even other extinct film types). It's just like what Keith Canham has been doing for customised Kodak orders...I'm sure the demand is there as those film backs going a pair per nickel is too cheap to miss for enthusiast. We just need to communicate this sheer volume of demand to Fuji to make sense (and determine price) out of it.

21-Dec-2018, 07:37
Fuji already dismantled the production line (the bastards), from what I have read.