View Full Version : Protruding screw on a 120 super symmar HM

eric fernette
2-Oct-2005, 12:10
I am trying to mount a Schneider 120 Super Symmar HM to the lens board. The problem I am having is there are 4 screws on the back of the lens that contact the lens board. Three are Phillips screws that secure parts of the rear lens together and they all fit flush to the back of the lens. The fourth screw is a flat head screw that has a flat notch cut on one side. This screw seems to hold nothing together and does not fit flush to the back of the lens like the other screws. Accordingly, this protruding screw will not allow the lens to seat flat against the board. As a newbie having the lens not fit flush against the board does not seem right?

Arne Croell
2-Oct-2005, 12:18
see: http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/276919.html (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/276919.html)

Dan Fromm
2-Oct-2005, 12:20
The first time I encountered one of them I asked the olders and wisers. They explained that it was there to prevent the shutter from rotating on the board and that for it to be used a hole to accept it would have to be drilled in the board. In the right place. Throw it way, they all said.

Remove the offending screw and don't look back. Try it, it works.

Daniel Geiger
2-Oct-2005, 13:03
See also Schneider's FAQ:


Mike Kovacs
2-Oct-2005, 13:27
Remove it, keep it in case you resell the lens :)

Doug Dolde
2-Oct-2005, 14:56
Congrats...gotta be one of the sharpest lenses on planet earth.

eric fernette
2-Oct-2005, 15:42
I removed the screw, put it in a small bag, and put the bag it in the lens box. Thanks you all for the help.