View Full Version : Brief Outage Saturday, Dec-1

Tom Westbrook
29-Nov-2018, 16:56
FYI, we'll be having a brief outage Saturday morning, Dec-1 from 7am-7:30am CST to turn on SSL (https) on our site. If it doesn't work, we'll roll back to current status and go back to the drawing board & try again.

FYI, if this goes well, we'll leave the current URL (the http one) available for a while.

Tom Westbrook
1-Dec-2018, 06:38
Sorry, but this didn't work this time. There's an issue with some other server user's SSL certificate that's overriding ours. I'll work with the server owner to fix it and try again next weekend.

Tin Can
1-Dec-2018, 07:37
Thank you

1-Dec-2018, 16:30
Seems successful, thanks for your service.