View Full Version : Missing a shutter mounting nut

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2018, 16:27
Ive got a LF Pronto 0 shutter that is missing the 32mm mounting nut. Ive google searched, asked KEH and a few other places but no one seems to have or know what Im looking for.

its for this lens

Anyone have a spare in their junk boxes?

28-Nov-2018, 16:33
S k grimes.

Kent in SD

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2018, 16:43
I thought Id try here first.

28-Nov-2018, 16:51
Try searching eBay, but use the term ‘shutter’ + ‘retaining ring’ instead of ‘nut’.

$16 from CA or $10 from China.

Bob Salomon
28-Nov-2018, 16:52
Try searching eBay, but use the term ‘retaining ring’ instead of ‘nut’.

Or jam nut or mounting flange.

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2018, 17:01
I just figured someone here might have a spare in the junk box.

buying a $2 part will wind up costing $25 mail ordered.

28-Nov-2018, 17:03
Well that could happen... but if you don’t mind spending a very modest amount of money they seem quite available.

One of those sellers has free shipping. You might want to at least look.

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2018, 17:10
I cleaned out my junk boxes not very long ago. I had several small shutters but gave them to someone that needed parts for his repairs.

teach me a lesson not to throw away my junk.

28-Nov-2018, 17:11
Bummer. I know the feeling.

Paul Ron
28-Nov-2018, 17:15
Im surprised this lens has such a small shutter. Its about the size of those on the retinas or folders.