View Full Version : Polaroid 545i film holder....

1-Oct-2005, 09:55
I've been using the old all metal 545 film holder, and it's so heavy it throughs the focus off. I built the camera from one of those kits, and it's pretty flimsy, but I've never had a problem with sheet film. The 545 must weigh about 2 lbs., is top heavy, and the whole camera shifts with the weight of it. Are the newer 545i holders much lighter? I've already got a weight hanging off the front rail to counterbalance the weight of the holder, and after focusing, I run a piece of tape from the front to the rear of the camera to keep them in line, but the shift is still noticeable after putting in the film holder.

1-Oct-2005, 13:20
Yeah, they're plastic instead of metal. Mine works fine. Get one on eBay for reasonable price. If it doesn't meet your needs, and I think it will, resell it. Try it! Then you'll know.

1-Oct-2005, 16:50

I also use the plastic version of the holder... works well and I only paid $40 for it on that big auction site. It does weigh a bit less than the older, metal one.