View Full Version : Cleaning lenses and shutters using an ultrasonic cleaner?

23-Nov-2018, 13:19
Anyone have experience with cleaning lenses and shutters using an ultrasonic cleaner?

23-Nov-2018, 13:49
If the unit is gummed up, can be used, but not necessary... There are downsides, such as more lube removal that can migrate, paint damage, and some blades are plastic or paper based that can be damaged...

Cleaning lenses means elements must be removed and then cleaned, but most elements can be cleaned using regular methods too...

Careful, as some pre 60's lenses have soft internal
coating, that can be damaged by any cleaning method...

Steve K

23-Nov-2018, 15:09
When I was doing this professionally, I always cleaned shutters in an ultrasonic cleaner, but never lenses (optics).

Once cleaned and dried, the shutters must be properly lubricated.
Glass can be cleaned in the normal manner.

- Leigh

23-Nov-2018, 17:11
I’ve used ultrasonic to clean parts, but never whole shutters or lenses.