View Full Version : Optima12 processor

23-Nov-2018, 12:19
Just saw this, and it has 9 days left...

Anyone have any opinions, or were a backer? I've head the Nova processors were/are quite good.


1-Dec-2018, 10:12
I'm curious about this as well. Certainly looks super interesting! Could save room in my tiny (bathroom) darkroom. I wish they had more videos showing it in use. Nico's mentioned it on his news show (Youtube) and seemed pretty keen on it as I recall.

1-Dec-2018, 15:35
I'm surprised there isn't more interest in this.
Seems like a great product. If I could afford it, I would pledge.

Peter De Smidt
1-Dec-2018, 16:44
I'm with Bryan. I'm sure it'll be a good system, especially good for the low volume and occasional printer, but it's a lot of money to replace something I can already do, which is process prints in trays. I have the trays, print washers,.... This could be especially convenient for processing x-ray film.