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30-Sep-2005, 17:46
Greetings again,

In reference to an earlier posting here on the Large Format Photography Forum (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/502938.html) I'm providing an update to the results of an attempt to purchase some darkslides from Martin at Marflex Service Corporation.

After numerous attempts to reach Marflex I finally heard from Martin (thanks to Bob S.) informing me that he had purchased the last 3 darkslides for a Linhof 4x5 filmholder from the Linhof factory in Germany. This isn't the standard holder but, rather, it's the one with the automatic opening bottom when the darkslide is withdrawn from the holder.

Martin informed me of the selling price ($16.50 + $5.00 S/H) and I responded immediately letting him know that I wanted to purchase a pair of them from his company. I sent my credit card information under two separate emails for security purposes. This is my standard protocol for purchases over the internet. And, in fact, this was the methodology suggested by the BBB. That way, if one of the emails was inadvertently intercepted by an un-authorized person/company, the information contained in it would have been virtually useless unless they managed to also intercept the second part. So far, so good!

That communique occured on August 11, 2005. And, I've not heard a blessed thing from Martin since. Two further emails were sent to him on September 7th and 13th asking whether the darkslides had been sent.

To this date, I've not heard anything from Martin in regards to the above.

My question is... "Does anyone know if they've finally completed their move to their new facility?"

And, if they have... "Is it standard operating proceedure for them to be so absolutely non-responsive?"

I can certainly understand that the transaction is a very small one but, in all fairness, if they didn't wish to pursue such a sale, then, perhaps the best thing for them to have done was to state that this was the case.

IMHO, it's just common courtesy to respond to a buyer's email... positive OR negative! And, especially since Martin had provided a selling price... indicating that he wanted to sell the goods in question.

Bob S,

Am I being unreasonable here? All I really wanted to do was to send Martin money for an item he wanted to sell! As far as I know, that's why Marflex Service is in operations, isn't it?

This IS a Linhof product that we're discussing here. If this is the way he deals with "the smaller stuff..." how does he treat folks who send their Linhofs in to him for service? Personally speaking... I'm not sure I would choose to deal with Marflex again if this is how they deals with their clients (or potential clients!)

Needless to say... I'm not terribly impressed with Martin/Marflex and their attitude toward customer service!

[And people complain that Ron Wisner was bad in this regard.... hmmm, I won't say anymore!]


Peter Galea
30-Sep-2005, 21:16
I don't know what's happening with your transaction, but I've had exellent service from Marflex. I did not use email, but spoke with them on the telephone. Have you tried phoning them?

30-Sep-2005, 22:05

I considered it but, at the end of the day, I decided against it.

Having received an email reply back from Martin indicated that it wasn't the idea of using email that was the issue.

Besides that... I live in Canada. :)


Bob Salomon
1-Oct-2005, 06:48
" Linhof 4x5 filmholder from the Linhof factory in Germany. This isn't the standard holder but, rather, it's the one with the automatic opening bottom when the darkslide is withdrawn from the holder."

Yes this was a standard Linhof holder.

It just isn't a cut film holder.

You have the Linhof Glass Plate/Cut Film Holder. Because it accomodates both thichkness materials it had an adjustable, spring loaded spacer. Because it was designed for glass plates it has the ejector mechanism.

To answer your question about Marflex, yes they have finally finished their move as well as a well deservered vacation. He does now look in at this forum from time to time. Not only has his address changed but also his phone number.

To reach Marflex his number is 973 263-5267

Shipping address is 121 Hawkins Pl. #115, Boonton, NJ 07005. His email is marflex@aol.com.

1-Oct-2005, 16:43

Thank you... yes, it's the dark slide for the Linhof Glass Plate/Cut Film holder that I'm speaking of.

I'll send Martin another note and hope to hear back from him.

Thanks again.