View Full Version : Is there an alternative kallitype contrast control not dichromate?

G Benaim
18-Nov-2018, 21:53
Hi all
Just getting started w kallitypes and getting good results but need some more contrast and am looking for a contrast enhancer other than the dichromate if there is one, as I don't want to deal w such a toxic substance. Thanks,

19-Nov-2018, 00:13
Yes: a better negative.

Jim Noel
19-Nov-2018, 08:50
Yes, Koraks,the negative is the key.

karl french
19-Nov-2018, 09:36
I did try some of the Ferric Oxalate No.2 from my Platinum Palladium printing kit. It does make a slight difference in terms of contrast. Also, try a drop of Hydrogen Peroxide. It works as a strong restrainer for Pt/Pd. Might do something for Kallitypes.

So far Ive found that for 'in camera' negatives I developed with silver gelatin printing in mind, Palladium prints with Na2 as a contrast booster work out the best.

But really, moving onto another negative with adequate contrast is the best use of your time.

G Benaim
19-Nov-2018, 11:40
Hi Karl
I believe the fo2 has dichromate in it. For the peroxide, do you add it to the developer or sensitizer? Thanks.

karl french
19-Nov-2018, 13:16
There is no dichromate in Ferric Oxalate. Either No.1 or No.2 The No.2 Ferric Oxalate in the ratio method of Platinum Printing has Potassium Chlorate added as a restrainer (contrast agent.) For the Hydrogen Peroxide, just add one drop in your sensitizing solution. Just the regular stuff from the drug store. It has quite an effect on platinum prints. Not sure how it will work with Kallitypes, but it's something I've been meaning to try, considering both are based on Ferric Oxalate as a light trigger.

G Benaim
14-Mar-2019, 22:06
Reviving an older thread, does anyone know whether the Na2pt solution will work for contrast control with kallitype or does it only work w palladium? Thanks.

18-Mar-2019, 10:33
Yes: a better negative.

A better negative probably being a digital negative. Most of the time with alt process it's better to print a negative that fits the process whether they to try to fit the process to your negative with chemical agents etc.