View Full Version : temporary film storage

mike mathews
11-Oct-1999, 14:13
Forgive me for probably a very basic question, but I'm finally getting back into 4x5 after almost 20 years.

Anyways I plan to do some frequent traveling in the next few months and will be toting my recently purchased Crown. Unfortunately my darkroom is still "under c onstruction" and thus I won't be able to develop all the exposed negatives after each trip. Therefore, with only a finite number of holders, is there a practic al way to store and track each of the sheets? I guess the major concern is that you need to somehow figure out which sheet is which for development purposes.


Ellis Vener
11-Oct-1999, 14:36
Have you considered Kodak Tnax 100 in the Readyload format?

Jim McD
11-Oct-1999, 18:09
When away from home and I have to reload holders, I bring along 5 empty film box es that I have notched to indicate from N-2 to N+2. This is a lightweight and f oolproof method thats erves me well

Another suggestion is to go ahead and process your negs. You don't need a darkro om, just a dark room to loads whatever daylight tanks you use