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Matus Kalisky
29-Sep-2005, 09:20

I would like to get started in the Large Format. I alrady got through some webpages and it seems to me that the best for me would be Tachihara 4x5. My main interest is landscapes. NOw the point is - where to get one? I am in germany nad I have to admit that in Europa it is quite poor. If one finds a dealer, thatn the price for new camera without any aditional equipment is ~ 900 euro what is a bit too much. So I would probably ask some of my friends to bring me one from USA. And here I would like to ask you - where would yopu advice me to buy it? Adorama usually have some, but I have heard some bad experiences with this shop. So - please - help me on this.



Ron Marshall
29-Sep-2005, 09:36
Matus, here is a selection of stores that I have dealt with for large format equipment. I am not in any way connected with any of them. KEH camera brokers, Badger graphics, B&H photo video, Midwest camera exchange. KEH only has used large format, Badger has mostly new, the others have both. Good luck.





Eric Leppanen
29-Sep-2005, 11:44
I have had excellent experiences with Midwest Photo Exchange, Badger Graphic, B&H, and Robert White in the U.K. Midwest Photo and Badger sell new Tachiharas for$595 U.S. (Midwest is auctioning one Tachi on Ebay right now). If you are a bit patient and don't mind buying second-hand, you should be able to get a used 4x5 Tachirara in excellent condition on Ebay for between $400 and $500 U.S. Midwest Photo also occasionally has used Tachharas in stock.

29-Sep-2005, 11:47
If you want to purchase your camera in europe and save the troubles with customs etc, contact e.g. Robertwhite in England, or you can send me an email at photografica.com

Pat Kearns
29-Sep-2005, 11:49
The Calumet Woodfield camera is a Tachihara with a Calumet name plate. Try Calumet Camera as well as the other dealers mentioned. The Calumet lenses are either Rodenstock or Scheider made lenses and are very reasonable.

Martin Drozda
29-Sep-2005, 12:07
About a year ago I was deciding which camera to buy. Tachihara costs in Europe twice as much as in the US. Given that fact, I discourage you to support any European Tachihara dealer, unless he can live with the same price as his US colleagues. I ended up buying a Wista; bought at B&H, shipped by UPS. UPS will also take care of all paperwork connected with importing the camera. Make sure that you ask your friend to buy for you also film holders, film, lens board etc. as it is much cheaper in the US. In fact it is cheaper to buy new in the US then used on ebay.de.

Matus Kalisky
29-Sep-2005, 13:08
Thank you very much! I did not expect so many answers so fast. I am sure that one of those possibilities will fit my needs.

To Martin:

I completely agree with you. There is no reason for european dealers to ask twice as much as in America. I find it unfair.

ronald moravec
29-Sep-2005, 14:13
Calumet has a presence in England, perhaps other countries in Europe.

David Karp
29-Sep-2005, 14:33
The older Calumet wood field was a Tachi. The new Ultralight is not. It has more movements and enough bellows to accomodate a 450mm lens.

29-Sep-2005, 21:55

Email me in regards to a Tachihara 4x5 in mint condition.


Matus Kalisky
30-Sep-2005, 02:29

I have checked the Calumet web page (US, UK and DE), but I did not find any wood field camera from Calumet . Does anybody has a link to it ?



30-Sep-2005, 02:38
Try this:


They sell new Osaka cameras which are similiar to the Tachihara's. Contact Bruce. He's friendly, honest & efficient. Bruce took a step further to physically test for light tightness when I purchased my camera. That's very important if you want it shipped outside USA.

Oren Grad
30-Sep-2005, 07:24

Following up on Dave Karp's comment, Calumet no longer offers the Tachihara camera under its own label. The current Calumet 4x5 field camera is the Zone VI Ultralight, but it's much more expensive - US$1495. It's item number ZN1000 on the Calumet US website if you want to look at it.

30-Sep-2005, 08:36
Matus look at this system (http://tinyurl.com/dmqls) for sale.
They will ship to Europe.