View Full Version : Monetary value of barrels ?

Daniel Grenier
29-Sep-2005, 07:04
I have a (new) Schneider barrel used to mount a 355 G-Claron. What might such a barrel be worth anyway (minus the lens) in terms of resale value?

David Van Gosen
29-Sep-2005, 07:59
Since the repro lenses come in barrels (and later leave them for shutters), I'll bet these aren't worth a lot. There's probably more than a few around that folks haven't bothered to sell. Maybe $20 or $30?

Joseph O'Neil
29-Sep-2005, 09:33
A few years ago I had a left over, empty barrel from a 180mm lens I had mounted in a shutter. No lenses, no iris, as you say, just the empty barrel.

Offered it for free (not on this forum however). No takers, no interest, not a single e-mail. Ended up throwing it out.


David A. Goldfarb
29-Sep-2005, 11:21
Right now, it's about $66.40 a barrel--


Donald Hutton
29-Sep-2005, 18:14
One would presume that it would be worth considerably more if it was of large caliber and you were staring at the business end of it....