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28-Sep-2005, 19:34
Hi. MY 8x10 arrived today...

I bought (or thought I was buying) a Calumet C1. When the camera arrived, I found it is an Orbit.
Are these cameras EXACTLY the same? Dunno if I should be peeved or not; makes me a li'l nervous.

Ben Calwell
29-Sep-2005, 06:05

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure they are the same.

David Van Gosen
29-Sep-2005, 06:53
Mine's an Orbit, and I can't find any differences.

Scott Davis
29-Sep-2005, 06:59
I have a C-1. From everything I have been able to research on the camera, the Orbit and the C-1 (and there was even a third variant, but I forget what brand it went under) are identical. The only real reason to prefer an actual C-1 to an Orbit is if you manage to find one of the magnesium-bodied C-1's, which are four pounds lighter than the aluminum ones. I don't know if any of the Orbits were produced in the magnesium body.

Terence McDonagh
29-Sep-2005, 07:56
I know the parts are definitely interchangeable both ways on the ones I handled in a phot class several years ago, so I'm guessing they are the same. The only difference I could tell was the color of the paint. Green vs grey in the ones I dealt with. A quick look at eBay completed auctions seems to show a fairly close resale value with a little tilt towards Calumet. I didn't look at condition of the items though.

Michael Jones
29-Sep-2005, 09:04
As I recall, the original version marketed by Burke & James was the "Orbit." When Calumet began selling it, it became the "C-1." It's my understanding they are one in the same camera except for the label (nothwithstanding the differences in materials from magnesium v.aluminum and the colors of gray v. green v. black). Enjoy.


29-Sep-2005, 16:55
Thanks for responses.

Dan: my point exactly.
Problem is, it seems like a sturdy little beastie; have a feeling I may begin to like it. Then again,
there's that nagging issue of principal...

David Karp
29-Sep-2005, 17:41
Principal is exactly it, as in money. Do you think you might have paid more for it than if it were a true C-1. If the C-1 has a higher resale value, maybe they owe you a bit of a refund. A quick call to the seller might resolve this with a few $ back in your pocket.