View Full Version : Honey Run covered bridge

John Kasaian
10-Nov-2018, 19:03
Built in 1887 was East of Chico, CA
The Camp Fire destroyed it.

Drew Wiley
10-Nov-2018, 19:33
Yes, I just saw that on the news myself. The smoke here is atrocious, even though the fire is almost 200 miles away. We're having a reverse wind pattern from inland toward the ocean, which normally occurs in October, but is running a bit late this year. The speed the fires this week are spreading exceeds even what happened during the last two years. And no amount of money will keep you safe if you build in the wrong terrain. Look at what just happened to Malibu. But there's still a covered bridge at Knight's Ferry. It's had a few close calls with fire itself; but the local firehouse is only a quarter mile away.

John Kasaian
10-Nov-2018, 23:09
Yeah, there aren't a lot of covered bridges left in CA. Now there is one less.

Drew Wiley
11-Nov-2018, 17:39
When they got a break in the wind last nite, they could finally get in there and start to see how high the death toll was. But today the wind is even worse, so it looks like a whole new round of trouble.