View Full Version : Jobo back online!

Oren Grad
28-Sep-2005, 08:28
Good news: OmegaSatter has put what looks like the entire former Jobo USA analog website back online, including instruction manuals, technical bulletins and more:

www.jobousadarkroom.com/index1.html (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/index1.html)

Stephen Willard
29-Sep-2005, 15:51
This is real good news. I have both the JOBO ATL machine and Fujimoto CP-51. Clearly, this made me very nervous. I am absolutely releaved. Lets hope that the company can pull through this ever changing market and be with us for many more years. They have such great products.

Victor Loverro
29-Sep-2005, 21:43
I contacted the new Jobo supplier for some parts and they are still getting familiar with the products. Overwhelmed might be a better word. They were still helpful and are expecting a shipment from Germany in a month. The parts I was looking for are not in the transferred stock and would take 30-45 days to receive. They were kind enough to direct me to someone who they thought might be able to help. And helpful they were. They are in southern California and apparently bought up some Jobo parts stock. They also service Jobo machines. They are Dave and Norma Smith. Their e-mail address is: joboman@aol.com.
Phone number: 1-323-227-1869. I spoke to Norma who is also a LF photographer and educator. Nice to talk to people who actually use the equipment they sell. They had the parts I was looking for in stock. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.