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7-Nov-2018, 14:16
I just bought an old process camera which is fitted with a shutter marked with Dallmeyer's name on it. Am I correct in thinking that this is simply an example of bade engineering and that what I have is actually a Packard shutter (it looks like a Packard) with the name put onto it?

Steven Tribe
7-Nov-2018, 15:23
You are 100% correct.
They are not uncommon.
I don't know if they were a direct import, or whether Packard authorised someone in the UK to make them for Dallmeyer.

8-Nov-2018, 02:35
Many thanks Steven. I acquired this with the incomplete camera mentioned in the OP, plus an "Abbeydale" 5"x5" horizontal enlarged marked Sands Hunter & Co (but listed elsewhere as by William Butcher & Sons), also incomplete, for a low enough price to buy for the working shutter alone. Problem is that whilst I wanted the shutter, I feel that I really ought to do something with the camera and enlarger because they are beautifully built, even if incomplete.

8-Nov-2018, 04:34
Well, I've extracted it. Only markings on it are the Dallmeyer Logo on one side and '483' on the other. It measures a little over 8" square and the shutter opening is 4.5" in diameter. Needs a new tube and bulb (any suppliers in the UK?). Photo attached.